Ashley Tisdale
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» I used to hate looking in the mirror. I've grown up into myself and now I'm happy with the way I look.
» You can feel like, 'I look really bad', but to other people you can be really gorgeous.
» My Mum gave me confidence.
» Sharpay is everything I was not when I was in high school.
» I'm very sassy. I want to show people in my album I'm not like my characters on tv.
» I did find some time to go to a record store and check out "Headstrong" actually in the racks. It was pretty cool; I never thought I'd see my own CD sitting there with everyone else's. I made my Mom take lots of pics!
» I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season.
» You loved her, even though she was the bad girl. Sharpay was the popular girl, but the villainess too!
» I'm definitely the kind of person to wear underwear all the time.
» I don't let anyone tell me who to be.»
» I write on my album because I really want to be taken seriously as a singer and an artist.
» My agent didn't want me on Disney because I am older. But honestly, I'm not ready for older roles yet, or even things older girls do. I'm still young.
» I can't choose! I love acting and singing. I can't say which one I love more.
» I had a three-year-old come up to me - we were at Disneyworld. She recognized me and she is three-years-old! So I am like, probably just saw my face and she knew me, but she started talking and she was, like, singing We’re all in This Together and I was amazed this girl could even talk! The best part is, she goes, "Where’s Ryan?
» Acting has always been my passion too, but I have to say, I grew up in theater. I was on Les Miserable, the national tour, and being in front of audiences, nothing like that. So I love doing acting because I love comedy and being on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel. I get to be in front of a live audience, so I am very excited to be going on tour and stuff. I’m excited for both.
» I’m Ashley Tisdale. I play Sharpay. She’s really the drama queen, rules the school, mainly the villan! I’m nothing like her, thank God! But I probably can relate to her because of her passion for performing. I love to perform, so that’s probably the most similar thing I have to her.
» My dad is very overprotective and needs to know everybody Im hanging out with.
» We're all just great friends, so it's kind of funny that people have linked us all together.
» I'm really into writing. I wrote songs to get the record deal.
» I take lessons all the time. If I were to go to college, I would definately go for writing. I love writing books, stories, music, scripts. I mean I'd be creative in that way.
» I love wearing sweatshirts because I'm dressed up all the time for work.
» I'm not stubborn. I know what I want to do. I know what I want to be. I'm not going to let someone push me around. I'm not someone who follows. I'm someone who leads. I'm not nauve and I'm not someone who follow the crowd. I'm definitely a headstrong person.
» I'm not controlling. I don't say, 'Do this or else I'm mad at you.'

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